Links & Resources

Literary Rambles 
Great place to get information on agents.
Publishing Crawl 
Blog run by an amazing mix of industry peeps.
Full of valuable information and insight. JJ Jones and Kelly run a podcast that covers all the insides and outs of being an author and also an agent.
Susan Dennard's Site
Susan is the Author of The Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy and has
amazingly useful blog posts and links about anything you could imagine needing help with.
First Five Page Workshop
I participated in the July first five workshop with Susan Dennard and it completely flipped my pages over to amazing. The feedback I got and the ability to resubmit and adjust the pages even more was SUCH a huge help. Seriously, it's such a great experience-- oh and it's FREE. First come first serve. Good luck!
Ava Jae, Author of Beyond the Red, has some great writing tips, tricks, and vlogs. She's always posting interesting things and also does a first page workshop occasionally.
Sara Letourneau's Blog
Sara has some great Worksheets for writers that you should definitely check out!
Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire
Mindy McGinnis has some amazing insights into the industry, from writing to querying to being on sub and more. She has a bunch of authors guest post and an amazing PODCAST as well.
Writer's Block Party
Much like Publishing Crawl, this site is run by a mix of industry peeps and writers!

Writing Resources:
Macmillan dictionary has lots of amazing lists like:
Words used to describe skin color
Daily Writing Tips 
Tons of different tips that you wouldn't even think to ask 
Body Language: An Artistic Writing Tool
 Great article by: Sharla Rae for body language

Finding Critique partners and Beta Readers:
CP Seek 
Great place to find Betas and CP's
AgentQuery Connect  
-Great place to get feedback on your Query, Synopsis and first 250 and find CP's and Betas.
Absolute Write
Great place to get feedback, meet CP's, Betas and get info on agents you may want to query. 
Fantasy Writer's Forum
Great place for fantasy writers to get feedback and meet people that write the same, along with ask questions and find readers, CP's and Betas.

Finding Agents:
Writer's Digest New Agency Alerts

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