Monday, January 1, 2018

Year end Finale and goals for 2018

Sigh... Oh 2017… I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I’m not ganna lie, 2017 I was on edge the entire year.
Between the political climate, planning a trip to Japan, A trip to Cali, being a contributor for The Boston Teen Author Fest (which was so rewarding and fascinating to see from behind the scenes), pushing out as much revising and writing as I could, and working full time, I felt more spread out than I have since I was in college trying to work almost full time, take on a full load of classes, and write/draw a comic series to post online. And that was a long time ago when I was young and could pull an all-nighter twice in a row! (I don't recommend it.)
The past few years I wrote out a small recap of my year and made some goals; I like the tradition and I like looking back at what I wrote, and also seeing how I did with my last year's goals, so here's my 2017 recap, and 2018 goals!

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Total Books read in 2017:
47! That’s 6 less than last year, but 6 more than my goal for the year. I thought I would read a lot more, but I ended up smashing my writing goal more than my 2016 year goal. So it kind of evens out :)
Top Ten Books I Read in 2017 (In no particular order):
Want By Ciny Pon
Song of the Current By Sarah Tolcser
Now I Rise By Kiersten White
Traitor to the Throne By Alwyn Hamilton
Rebel Seoul By Axie Oh
Air and Ash By Alex Lidell
The Last Magician By Lisa Maxwell
The Language of Thorns By Leigh Bardugo
Furyborn By Claire Legrand (This is an Arc I read. The book doesn’t come out until May 2018 but it is SO GOOD I needed to add it as an extra)

Accomplishments of 2017:
-Instead of revising my new MS, I completed my 2016 goal of completing the first draft of the MS I co-write, Of Smoke and Stardust. And we’ve started revising it! I didn’t think we would finish it for the longest, but we both had free time at the same time and it just worked!
- Finished revisions on my MS and finally got the green light for Sub! (I don’t even know what number revision it was either…7th? 8th?)
-Was a contributor for The Boston Teen Author Fest
-Left the country for the first time and traveled to Japan. And then to California! The most I’ve traveled… ever!

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 - Cut my hair short! Which I hadn't done in.... a long time. But I really like it!

How I did for my last year's goals! 
Write a new MS (This is my major number one goal.)
X Revise the new MS 
Do more art. Work on water coloring ect.
Go to more book events- or continue to
X Continue going to the gym/ eating better
X Blog at least once a month
Hahaha I didn't do so well with the goals. In my defense, I did go to the gym and eat well up until November! But I didn't feel right counting it. I have no excuse for the blog once a month goal lol. I failed that straight out.

New Goals for 2018:
- Finish Nautical Fantasy MS
- Revise Contemp MS
- Submit to Pen (Feb 15th Deadline)
- Do more art; watercolors and cross stitching, also maybe hand lettering?
- Work on OSAS
- Get back to the gym/ eat healthy
- Use my new camera more
Goals that aren't in my control (but a girl can dream!):
-Sell! Hahaha
-Win PEN

Here's hoping to a better 2018!

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