Monday, February 20, 2017

All YA Need is Love Event Recap

The Boston Teen Author Fest had a mini panel event for February titled "All YA Need is Love" featuring Kim Savage, Sarah Fine, and Rebecca Maizel in a conversation about love in YA novels - from platonic to familial to romantic - and how they go about creating meaningful relationships in their work.

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The event started with the authors introducing their books and reading a short excerpt from them-

Kim started off telling us she writes thrillers with romance in them. And ... romantic thrillers. Lol After The Woods is more about two friends' love more than romantic.
Beautiful Broken Girls is more about romance love and how one touch can lead to a butterfly effect.
She read a part of her book where the male lead gets a note from the female lead that initiates the rest of the book.

Rebecca has written many different books, but her book is contemporary romance about a girl who lies. She started to read out loud a romantic scene and then stopped short. "Can I say this in front of your kids?" She asked Sarah, who has brought her whole family along. "I'll just skip." She skipped the part and continued reading. 

Sarah's Impostor Queen is about the 'chosen one' who inst the chosen one. And the Cursed Queen is about the chosen one who is miserable being the chosen one and has no idea what's happening to her as she inherits the powers of said chosen one.
She read a part of the second book, Cursed Queen.

When asked: How do you go about coming up with relationship types?

Kim starts her novels with concepts or notions. What kind of girl would risk her friends life?  Beautiful Broken Girls idea of touch came into play. If a touch can heal can it also break someone whose fragile? 

Rebecca is intrigued by the idea of the emotional place of the character. What they lack and what they need. She knew her character was going to lie and didn't see her self worth. She was tired of seeing men doing women wrong and wanted to do something different with that.

Sarah's novels are usually plot driven. But she would need characters that would suit the need of the plot and would plausibly do the things needed. She figures more of the relationships while writing scenes between people. Both books are about female relationships of all kinds. Romantic sisterly, ect. Most she didn't anticipate but they definitely made the books better.

They agree that they don't have it all planned out. They discover as they write and things fall into place.

When asked about writing character relationships with themselves-Self-Love:

Rebecca: Writes a lot of characters who have self doubt and have a journey to figure themselves out by the end.

Kim: Even with suspense there is a journey to--and maybe running from--somewhere. Characters need to grow and look for something.

Sarah: Your character should change by the end of the book somehow or the arc isn't complete.

YA has a focus on romance. But other types have emerges more. Whats your fave?

Kim loves the relationship in Brokeback Mountain and also loves romantic relationships that have to go through obstacles to be together.

Rebecca loves mother daughter. Notes from a liar and Her Dog is one book she really loved. Especially in MG books. Fictions shes Buffy/Angel all the way and does NOT like Spike/Buffy. 

When asked about writing different kinds of relationships:

Rebecca said her mentor told her that characters must earn everything. (Like kisses and emotional growth.)

Parental relationships are hard for all of them all to write. Also familial love.

Kim said unrequited love is hard for her. That's hard. She didn't want the character to come off desperate and for readers to ask why shes still on him.

When asked what their favorite kind of relationships are:

Kim loves best girl friends that could possibly turn into romance

Rebecca loves Han and Leia type relationships. Witty dialogue and fighting!

Sarah loves romantic relationships where there is a lot of respect like in Graceling.

All the authors we so nice and fun. Renee, the moderator had guess-the-quote game and Rebecca killed it! There were quotes from books, movies, and even Hamilton! 
Also, Kim and Renee brought candy! So there was a lot of yummy treats to much on. :D
And now... the book haul! 

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