Friday, December 30, 2016

Year end Finale of 2016 and Goals of 2017

Wow.... Is 2016 really over? I feel like it started off with such.... wonder and ended in such a trash fire. I'm glad to see it go, but weary for what's to come.
I feel like this funny "If 2016 was a Horror Movie" trailer sums it up pretty well:

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Last year I wrote out a small recap of my year and made some goals; I like the tradition and I liked looking back at what I wrote, and also seeing how I did with my last year's goals, so here's my 2016 recap, and 2017 goals!

Total Books Read in 2016:

53! That's 13 more than last year! Despite me making a modest goal of only 25, I read over twice as much. I wasn't sure how much my reading would be effected since I had a lot of revising to do and the additional classes I took.

Top Ten Books I read in 2016 (In no Particular order):
Iron Cast By Soria Destiny
A Darker Shade of Magic By V.E Schwab
Fear The Drowning Deep By Sarah Glenn Marsh
Uprooted By Naomi Novik
The Raven King By Maggie Stievfater
To All The Boys I've Loved Before By Jenny Han
Rebel Of The Sands By Alwyn Hamilton
The Crown's Game By Evelyn Skye
Truthwitch By Susan Dennard
The Mirror King By Jodi Meadows
Caraval By Stephanie Garber (This is a 2017 title so I'm putting it as an extra since I did read it in 2016)

Accomplishments of 2016:
- Finished my fifth revision on my MS and turned it into my agent
- Took a narrative illustration class and put together a picture book dummy and submitted it to Pen.
- Was a moderator on a YA panel for Boston Book Fest
- Volunteered at The Boston Teen Author Fest

How I did for my last year's goals! 
✔ Complete self and beta revisions on MS and send to agent
X Complete a new MS
✔ Keep up going to the gym/eating healthy
✔ Read 25 books
✔ Do more art
✔Go to more bookish events
✔Blog More/ be more social
X Finish co-writing Of Smoke and Stardust on Wattpad

So I didn't do too badly on last years goals. I finished my revisions. though I had many more after that than I thought I would. And our Space Opera story will most likely be put on hold until... after graduation? lol And I've been in such a funk trying to write a whole new MS! all my attention has been on revisions. Hopefully I can kick myself in the butt and finish this.

New Goals for 2017:
- Write a new MS (This is my major number one goal.)
- Revise the new MS 
- Do more art. Work on water coloring ect.
- Go to more book events- or continue to
- Continue going to the gym/ eating better
- Blog at least once a month

Goals that aren't in my control (but a girl can dream!):
Go on sub and get a publishing deal! :P

Here's hoping to a better, less confusing, and damaging 2017!

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