Friday, November 4, 2016

Life in General Update

Phew. It's been a bit since a life update. But I've been Quite busy, as you can see in the previous posts, between Boston Teen Author Fest, Boston Book Fest in September, I'm also taking a class on Narrative Illustration.

It definitely threw me for a loop being back in a classroom, drawing things, and doing critiques and what-not. I'm a bit intimidated by the amazing art in the class, but it's inspiring me to try more traditional techniques. I'm goign to try watercolor for my final, which I've never worked in. So wish me luck!

I Finished my revisions on my fourth draft on October 29th and sent it out to  beta reader. I'm super nervous and excited for others to read my work. No one's seen the new revision besides my agent since I changed it from Third Person POV to First Person.

Another thing that happened was I was asked to guest vlog for the WordNerds! This time I did an inspiration corner video on Character Chemistry and Acidity. I hope it helps people and I hope it's good. I'm still self conscious about putting myself out there, but these guest vlogs are good practice, and I love the WordNerds. They one of my favorite booktube and authortube channels. ♥

I'll post up the link or tweet it when that goes live Nov 18th! :)
As for writing new stuff. I'm kind of half-assing Nano with a book I've been dabbling in for a long time. It's a YA Contemp, which is completely out of my usual type. But I really like the story and I think it'll be a fun summer thing lol.  It's about best friends, revenge, and a summer fun road trip. :)

I've been trying to get more social and networking with writers in my area. Luckily there are a lot of Boston local peeps who are writers, and it seems like the population has grown even more. There's a meet up later this month and I'm excited to go and meet everyone!

That's all for now. Back to the writing board~