Monday, October 17, 2016

Boston Book Fest Recap - The Time I Moderated a Panel

So something amazing happened. I was asked to moderate a YA panel for the Boston Book Fest! It came from out of the blue, and I was so scared and also excited, but my co-workers and friends urged me to bust out of my shell and do it. So I agreed to moderate the "YA It's Complicated" Panel with Melissa de la Cruz, Jennifer Niven, Rebecca Podos, and Jordan Sonnenblick; all about complicated relationships of all kinds. (All the while internally screaming because OMG big name best selling authors!)
I was scared that I wouldn't be good, that I wouldn't be able to be heard (I pretty much sound like the girl from pitch perfect.) Luckily they assured me there would be microphones. And my friend, Nicole brought me over to the Teen room at the Boston Public Library where the panel would be held so I could feel it out some.

Amanda, who was in charge of the event, sent me the four books so I'd be able to read them all before the event and come up with good discussion questions. She also asked for a Photo and a Bio ASAP. Which I freaked out about because the only real professional, good picture I have is the one I have on my linkedin which looks more accountant-ish than book-ish, but I had to make due and get it to her the next day because the presenter profiles were going up!
Seeing my name and my face and ME up there on the site was so exciting. I couldn't believe it! Me! There's me!

And then a while later, the panels were announced, and there I was again with some AMAZING authors. Star struck is an understatement, and that's just from the website!
Needless to say, when the time was getting closer, I was freaking out more. I was so excited and nervous. I watched videos of panels from ComicCon and Leviosa as research. I tried to think of interesting questions that could be discussed by all four of the authors.  

*・゜゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆

The Day of The Event
On the day of the event. I was all a flutter with nerves. I got dressed and dolled up a smidgen and had all my questions and profiles of the authors printed out on a piece of paper and tried not to freak out TOO much.
I got to Copley around noon and met up with Nicole, Marci, and Rachel for a bit. They went to get food, so I hung out with Renee and Sam at Boloco. (Their Nutella shakes are to die for ♥)
After which we went up to check out the Horror panel that took place before mine. I could only stay for a bit because I was supposed to meet up in the author room with my authors and event producer at 2:30.
(The YA Gives me the Creeps Panel with Margot Harrison, Dawn Kurtagich, Kim Savage, Moderated by Laura Koenig.)

I got to the room super early and just kind of sat there awkwardly eating a cookie until Jordan Sonnenblick came in and I introduced myself. Jennifer Niven was already there, but she was in deep conversation with two other people so I didn't want to interrupt. I did meet with Julia, who had volunteered for the Boston Teen Author Fest! So it was nice to see a familiar face. 

Then, at 2:55, we were off! At least Jordan and Jennifer and I. Rebecca was already up in the Teen Room taking selfies with Rachel lol. And Melissa was on her way, just stuck in traffic.

When we got up there, we were introduced to the audio people, who hooked us up with legit microphones that hooked around our heads. Jordan cracked a joke that were were like N'Sync and that no one could go solo until after the panel lol. I felt super legit.

(Edit:)The audio recording is up on the BBF website archive if you want to take a listen. *hides*

I was introduced to another event producer who told me she would let me know when I had to ask the 'last question' and open the floor up for audience questions. And then... It began!
(Thanks Janella and Nicole for the pictures!)
I was soooooo nervous when the panel began! Like. I was shaking and I could feel my chest hallow out and my throat close and my voice quiver.
But after I read the introductions out loud off of my paper notes, I felt SO much better asking the questions that I had come up with.
All the authors were amazing, and their answers were so fun, but also so touching, just like their books. I felt really lucky that I had such great authors speaking about their books and the stories behind their books as well.
After the event, I literally fell into Janella's arms, who came all the way to the event just for my panel!
She said I did good, and so I will choose to believe her. =')
I was really glad to have so many of my friends there supporting me and just being there. It really means a lot!I love ya guys!♥
And now to crawl back into the revisions cave.