Sunday, January 10, 2016

ALA Mid Winter 2016 Recap

So this weekend ALAMW16 was in Boston, and I made the leap to get an exhibitor pass to check out the publishers booths. It was my first large book conference type event and it was a bit overwhelming!

I was lucky enough to get a ride with Katie, who was driving, along with Lauren. Which was amazingly great because we got so many books that we had to do a drop off at the car halfway through!
(Me and Lauren got our badges!)

Basically, we got to the convention center nice and early at 9 am. We parked and walked in, got our badges, and made our way into the exhibition hall.
(Picture form the second floor)

I made a B-line straight for MacMillan's booth to try and get Roshani Chokshi's book, The Star-Touched Queen. She had a signing on Friday, but I couldn't make it on Friday, so I was hoping they would have some left over. So sad that they didn't though! But they said they would have more on Sunday after Roshani's talk at the Pop Top Stage at 4pm with the other Class of 2K16 authors.
(The Display copy of The Star Touched Queen on Sat)

It kind of aligned at the same time as the awards party signing at FableVision I had RSVPd for though... but we made it work!

It was pretty much a whirlwind happening from there. HarperCollins was always swamped, and I felt bad for the wonderful ladies working the booth. They had some really amazing ARCs and titles that, it seemed like, EVERYONE wanted desperately (including myself!) We had met up with and saw soo many cool people. Melissa, Molly, Nicole, Rachel,Elizabeth, Marcilia(Who tried to help me get an ARC of The Mirror King, to no avail. Whomp Whomp Whomp ) So many people!

We met up with Tara Sullivan, who was signing all the ARCs of her book, The Bitter side of Sweet at the Penguin Booth.
They had a cool selfie type booth on the second floor and we couldn't help but take advantage of it!

As Katie was meeting with her Editor at HarperCollins and being awesome, me Lauren and Lyndsay went to get lunch. After lunch, we kicked it around the floor some more before heading home to rest our feet.

On Sunday we took it a bit slower and got there around 10:30 or so. We met up with Annie Cardi in the shuttle bus from the parking lot.

We hit the exhibit floor, but it was a crashing difference from the Saturday. Not many ARC drops, and a lot less people in general. We saw Mackenzie Lee, who is awesome and great and was working the Charlesbridge booth like the pro she is. I forgot to get a picture with her though. Oops!
Then we hit the Photobooth because how could we not?!
(Me, Katie, and Lauren. Apparently, I have something serious to say... lol)

After that, we went to FableVision studios to celebrate with Peter and Paul Reynolds on their books winning! I actually interned for them in 2009 when I was studying Animation, so it was a lot of fun going back!
And then Funally, we hoofed it back to ALA to catch the Class of 2K16 books panel! 

They were all so fun and amazing!

And finally..... the Haul pic.