Thursday, November 5, 2015


It's been a journey. That's for sure. I can't even fathom that I'm writing these words. "I have an agent!"
It doesn't feel REAL!  But it's true! And after years reading other author's "How I got my agent" stories, I'm finally...FINALLY writing my own!

I am so very pleased to announce, that I am now represented by the wonderful Christa Heschke at McIntosh & Otis Agency!!!

After years reading other author's "How I got my agent" stories, over thinking every agent's interview and wish list, and daydreaming about the time in which I'll be one of the cool kids from afar....

 I'm finally...FINALLY writing my own! (How many more times can I write "Finally"? We shall see!)

Let's begin, not in 2009, when I first started seriously writing, or last year, but instead when I began querying my current manuscript, THE WICKED AND THE DARK.
I put together a spreadsheet, did my research, stalked all the agents. For months, all I got back was nothing. Form rejections. Nothing. Form rejections.... Then in July... a miracle! Someone wanted my Full MS! Then another person! Then another! Then... nothing..... a Month later, a partial! Another full! Another partial! then.... nothing... 
Things tend to happen in waves. I would get five rejections all on the same day. Then weeks would go by with nothing. then three agents would request material, and then another three weeks I would get nothing. 
Then... suddenly... an Offer!!! I nudged all the outstanding fulls and waited... waited...waited... I got a lot of passing... some regretful notes that they would have offered an R&R is an offer wasn't already on the table... and then... another offer! I had TWO Offers!

I was really blown away by Christa's editorial view on my manuscript. She seemed to really understand what it needed and I loved how she was clearly fully behind it!

Now for some stats, because it made me feel not so alone when I was reading other author's stats.
The Breakdown
Queries sent: 100
Full Requests: 13
Partial Requests: 4
No responses: 25
Offers: 2
Agents: 1

I'm so excited to work with Christa on making my manuscript shine the brightest!
This is only the beginning to a long journey, but I'm so ready!