Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Writer's Voice: Query and first 250

Yay! So excited to get into The Writers Voice! Below is my Query and First 250 of my YA Fantasy, The Wicked and the Dark!


Sixteen-year-old Caetlin Lovelell and her family are carefree socialites by day and ruthless tunnel guardians by night.

The luxurious city of Dorme is filled with lavish parties, sumptuous banquets, sprawling mansions, and is under constant attack from shadeu—flesh-eating shadow monsters that lurk in the tunnels below their city. It’s a steep price to pay, even to live in the city that promises wealth and prosperity to all its residents.

When the shadeu start to come out during the day and work together to kill off guardian leaders, something that wasn’t thought possible, the guardians of Dorme aren’t prepared. The Lovelells’ major rule is: If it doesn’t happen in their territory, it’s not their problem. But then Caetlin’s brother goes missing, and Caetlin and her sisters will do whatever it takes to find him, even if it means breaking all their rules and allying with the potentially dangerous (and attractive) lone guard to do it.

THE WICKED AND THE DARK is a 70,000 word YA Fantasy, with a diverse cast, and series potential. It will appeal to fans of kick-ass heroines and hidden identities such as Jodi Meadow's The Orphan Queen Duology and Leah Cypess’s Death Sworn Duology.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 250 Words:

Caetlin steadied her furiously beating heart as she rounded each corner, bracing herself for what would be there. It wasn’t like she wanted to find a body, but Jax had been missing after his patrol for far too long—even for him. 

A frown tugged at Caetlin’s mouth. Something was definitely wrong. Jax liked to play tricks on his sisters, and she didn’t want to jump to conclusions and scare Eloise and Peony, only to have their brother pop up later. But his pranks didn’t typically run this long, and he would never do anything that would leave their patrons unguarded…

Jax wasn’t just their older brother—he was their leader, the family’s first born, the strongest of them all. Caetlin refused to believe he could have been killed by a Shadeu or a rival guard.
"Damn you, Jax." Caetlin growled into the tunnel's dark crevices, the words muffled behind her face mask. 

Not a single Shadeu, the flesh eaters that lived below ground, or opposing cabal member had been spotted the whole time she’d been on watch. It wasn't rare, but it wasn’t common either. There were nights when she had killed ten Shadeu in a single section, and other nights when there were none in any sectors—at least ones under the Three Bells, her cabal's, protection.

Still; her instincts were going crazy and her heart refused to stop pumping a frantic rhythm against her ribs. The air felt electrified with lurking eyes, watching her as she crept through the stone underground corridors.