Monday, July 22, 2013

First Five Pages Workshop

So for the month of July, I was lucky enough to participate in the First Five Pages Workshop! This month the mentor was Susan Dennard. And Honestly. I wasn't PLANNING to enter for July, but once I saw that Susan was the mentor, I jumped- no Pounced on it. I use her awesome blog posts for writers all the time. She has so much advise and helpful tips.
Go Look!
I got my e-mail all ready after making absolutely SURE that the layout was correct. I was using my Gmail account, which isn't really adbvisable because it seriously messesd with your layout. But if you remove all formating and make sure it's set up correctly, it's troublesome and time consuming, but I was determined and stubborn. (I LIKE my gmail! Though I will probrably make a new e-mail in something else solely for querying when the time comes...)

Anywho. This workshop is amazing. Just from the first revision- yes you get THREE critiques!- I saw such a huge improvement. All the workshop participants were really great and pointed out things I had missed so many tiumes over. It really helps to get your work commented on and then AGAIN after you revise. A lot of places and giveaways give you one critique, but how will you know if you nailed it? You don't!

Susan wwas such an amazing critiqer. She really too kthe time to understand your writting and went in depth with her suggestions. I think my pages turned out ten times better - and now I'm inspired to tear apart my entire ms and think "What would Sooz say?" (Cheezy, I know)

Seriously though. It was so worth it. I can't recommend this enough. But if you DO participate, you have to really take comments into consideration. If you don't want to listen or try to make excuses and don't TRY to revise, then you won't get better!

All in all, I can't recommend this workshop enough. You have to be quick and it's a lot of work, but it was SOO sooo worth it.