Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New years Goals

It's that time of the years. New Year’s.

Honestly, I haven't written or given myself a new year’s resolution in a long, long time. I think the last one I ever gave myself was to lose weight in high school.


Well anyways. I think it’s about high time I give it another shot. Not with something frivolous, but something that I can actually check off and complete.
A business plan, as Marissa Meyer would say in her blog post.
So, as follows are my personal goals for 2013:
-Edit and Revise my current MS
-Query/ Submit to Agents
- Work on new project Unrestful Prince
- Brainstorm and outline MS #2
-Read- A lot-
It may not seem like much, but it’ll keep me busy. It’s never good to OVER GOAL yourself. Then you’ll feel overwhelmed and try to get too many things done and end up with nothing done.
Baby steps~

Monday, December 10, 2012

Write for you, because only you matter

So I finished the first draft of my book today. Finally. *insert applause here*

Some may find this isn't a big deal. People write books all the time. And that may be true. But it's also true that people try to write books and don't finish.
It's really hard to finish. It's hard not to give up, not to get bored or become lazy or get a new shiny idea and run off with it.

Some amazingly talented people try to write books. And though they have fans and the means to make a great book. They might have one thing lacking: Discipline.

Self-discipline. It seems so simple, yet it's really hard. It's hard to stay on a diet when someone is offering you a delicious, warm, straight-out-of-the-oven-fresh bakes cookie.

When I was in school. I met some amazingly talented artists. They were great and interesting, while I was dull and average compared. But I had the motivation to complete all my assignments and, though I wasn't the best. I graduated. Of course most of the talented people did too. But there were those few, whoe if they just FINISHED thier amazing final animation, they would be graduating and getting into studios and makign great things.

I may not be that talented in writing, but I have a talent in self-discipline.

When I was younger, my gramma didn’t care if I went to school. She was bored, disabled and lonely, so the company would be fine for her.
But I went anyways. I made myself go to school. Because if I didn’t, no one else would.
Not many people know that I'm writing a book. There's no one breathing down my neck or asking about it. And even the family members that I mentioned it to don't even ask about it. It's not that they care, it's just that everyone and their uncle talk about doing something that never ends up happening. Just look at Brian from Family guy. (Actually, I think he finally finished his book recently lol)

But I wrote it anyway.

Because I wrote it for myself.

It seems like such a simple thing. But it's really not. When you do something for yourself, you can brush it off more easily than when you're doing something for others.

It's harder to be selfish and take time for yourself and do something that's just for you. You write for yourself first.

You write for you.